Works devoted to the study of religions and the history and origin of religion are included in this section. The most recent, comprehensive survey of religious beliefs may be found in the Enciclopedia delle religione (1970-76 [B19] ). Gr√ľndler's Lexikon der Christlichen Kirchen und Sekten (B2), Hardon's Religions of the World (B4), and Protestant Churches of America (B3) are still useful, but are in need of some updating. Perhaps when it is completed Piepkorn's Profiles in Belief (B207) will become the standard work.
When speaking of the Christian churches of the East, the term "uniate" is often applied to those in union with Rome although members of these Churches have traditionally preferred to be called Eastern Catholics. The oriental series by Fortescue (B10, B11, B12) is part of a projected four-volume work left incomplete by the author. The third volume, The Uniate Eastern Churches, was finished by George D. Smith. Although older than Attwater's work (B8), this series is much more detailed.

Few of the works on the history of religion are useful as guides to current thought, but they have not yet been replaced by similar works of equal scholarship and reference value.

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