Theological Disciplines

The works covered in this section are grouped under six headings: 1) Apologetics, the study of the defense of the teachings of the Church especially with regard to revelation, tradition and the nature of the Church; 2) Dogmatic theology, the study of God and his activity as derived from revelation and the teachings of the Church; 3) Moral theology, the study of man and his behavior, using the same sources as in dogmatic theology; 4) Pastoral theology or practical theology, the study of the methods by which the message of the Church is brought to the world; 5) Ascetical and Mystical theology, the study of how man may attain Christian perfection; and 6) Ecumenical theology, the study of Christian reconciliation and unity, and how to attain it. Each of these fields is closely related drawing freely from one another and dealing with the same topics but with different emphases.

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