Ascetical & Mystical Theology

The writings of the masters of the spiritual life such as St. Theresa of Avila, John of the Cross, Francis de Sales, etc., constitute one of the greatest bodies of literature in Christendom but have never been, and are too large to be, issued in a single collection such as those published for the Fathers of the Church. Classics of Western Spirituality (B312) is a series that publishes excerpts from selected authors. The majority of the works listed here deal with the principles they lived and taught. The most important work in the field is easily Viller's Dictionnaire de spiritualité ascétique et mystique (B316) which covers both the history and teachings of asceticism. A rebirth of interest in mysticism and spirituality has led to the publication of some new and significant works such as B315, B319, and B320.

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