Liturgical Books

The chief liturgical books of the Roman rite are the Roman Missal containing the text of the mass; the Breviary, containing the psalms and prayers that make up the seven parts or "Hours" of the divine office; the Martyrology, the official list of all the saints, not just martyrs, with brief biographies, formerly used for daily recitation at the hour of Prime in the office; the Pontifical, which contains the prayers and ceremonies of those rites ordinarily reserved to the bishop, such as the administration of holy orders and confirmation, the consecration of a church, an altar, a cemetery, the blessing of oils, and the canonical visitation of churches and religious houses; the Ritual, containing the prayers and cermonies used in the administration of the sacraments, funerals, processions and the formulas for blessing various objects; and the Ceremonial of Bishops, containing detailed directions for pontifical functions and for everything connected with the mass, directions for singing the office in cathedral churches, and for various extra-liturgical functions. The Memorial of Rites is also an official liturgical book but so far out-of-date that it is not included on this list.
Listed below are editions of the books both as they existed in the Tridentine era and as they now exist in the versions reformed by the Second Vatican Council. The typical editions were prepared by the Consilium for the Implementation of the Constitution on the Sacred Liturgy. For English speaking countries a vernacular version of the books was prepared by the International Commission on English in the liturgy. American editions usually contain additional material peculiar to United States liturgical practice.

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