Religious Orders

The reference books listed under "General Works" include a number of directories and dictionaries listing religious orders by name with brief information. Some of them were compiled for prospective candidates and others as reference works. Kapsner's Catholic Religious Orders (E189) is easily the most complete source of brief information in English in this field. The Dizionario degli istitute di perfezione (E181), which began publication in 1974, is the most important new work to appear since the 1930s.
Under the names of individual religious orders are reference works, mostly bio-bibliographies of a comprehensive nature, i.e. covering the order as a whole or one province of the order for a long period of time. Where one work has replaced many smaller collections as in the case of the Jesuits, the smaller works are not listed. The Jesuits, Franciscans, and Carmelites have the best bibliographical control of all the orders listed — even to the point of issuing annual bibliographies.

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