The Encyclopedia of Religion. Editor in chief, Mircea Eliade; editors, Charles J. Adams et al. New York, Macmillan, 1987-88. 16 v. LC 86-5432. ISBN 0-02-909480-1.
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The first attempt in over forty years to update the Encyclopedia of Religion and Ethics (Edinburgh, Clark, 1908-1926). Covers all religions and religious topics including the religious history of all races. "Not conceived as a dictionary, with entries covering the entire vocabulary in every field of religious studies. Rather, it was conceived as a system of articles on important ideas, beliefs, rituals, myths, symbols, and persons that have played a role in the universal history of religions from Paleolithic times to the present day" (Preface). Contains many articles of Catholic interest and many contributors are Catholic scholars. Index, vol. 16.

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