New Catholic Encyclopedia: An International Work of Reference on the Teachings, History, Organization, and Activities of the Catholic Church and on All Institutions, Religions, Philosophies, and Scientific and Cultural Developments Affecting the Catholic Church from Its Beginning to the Present. Volume XVI, Supplement, 1967-1974. Ed. by David Eggenberger. Washington, DC, Publisher's Guild, in association with McGraw-Hill, 1974. 520p. il.
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Contains new articles on such contemporary issues as Underground Church, Theology of Dissent, Women as Priests, Exclaustration, Laicization, etc. Of the 440 articles, 127 are biographies of notable Catholics recently deceased. Most of these articles are accompanied by a portrait and a bibliography. Unfortunately only two of the biographees are women. Articles on unrelated, purely secular topics such as Space Exploration continue to be inserted. The quality of the illustrations is somewhat below that of the original set. The Supplement is nevertheless a valuable addition to the Encyclopedia.

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