The Twentieth Century Encyclopedia of Catholicism. Ed. by Henri Daniel-Rops. New York, Hawthorn Books, 1958-68. 150 v.
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Originally published in French under the title Je sais, je crois, edited by Henri Daniel-Rops, the renowned French lay theologian. This "encyclopedia" is actually a series of separately bound monographs, each indexed and containing a "Select Bibliography." The set is divided into sixteen parts made up of from five to fifteen volumes, each dealing with some aspect of a broad subject such as knowledge and faith, the truths of the faith, scripture, man, Church history, Church organization, the Church and the modern world, literature, art, science, Christian religions, and non-Christian religions.

The index (vol. 150) by Joseph Sprug covers subjects only. The Critic said of the work:
"It is not intended for the specialist in theology, but aimed rather at the layman, seeking to give him an intelligent grasp of all the major aspects of Catholicism. French bibliographies have been completely redone for the English-speaking reader and contain only works in English; however, they are not as complete as could be desired. Since the work is written on the popular level, it tends to blur the distinction between propositions that belong to the deposit of faith and those that are merely theological opinion. But by and large it is a welcome addition to Catholic literature in English (Critic, XVIII [January, 1959], p. 23)."

Most of the volumes were reviewed favorably as they appeared.

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