Chevalier, Cyr Ulysse Joseph. Répertoire des sources historiques du moyen âge … Bio-bibliographie. Nouv. éd. refondue, cor. et considérablement augm. … Paris, A. Picard et Fils, 1905-7. 2 v. in 4. LC 5-9616. Reprinted: New York, Kraus, 1959. LC 75-77037. ISBN 0-527-1670-2, v.1. 0-527-16710-X, v. 2.
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The Bio-bibliographie is an alphabetical list of medieval names giving a very brief biographical description and a complete bibliography of the person's life, influence, and criticism of his works — but not a list of his works. Generally regarded as the most complete work of its kind for the Middle Ages, it is, nevertheless, difficult to use because of the huge number of cryptic references crammed into tightly packed columns of print. For example, St. Augustine's name is followed by five double-columned pages of references. The books are arranged in alphabetical order by main entry, but "no attempt has been made to weed out worthless material; good, bad, old and new accounts are jumbled together in long alphabetical lists" (Louis J. Paetow, Guide to the Study of Medieval History, [New York, Crofts, 1931], p. 7 Find a copy). The scope of the work, however, makes it a valuable tool; it covers the period from early Christianity to A.D. 1500, including no end of obscure names. Brown refers to it as "a monument of erudition" (Stephen J. M. Brown, "Catholic Bibliography" Catholic Library Practice, ed. Bro. David Martin [Portland, OR, University of Oregon Press, 1947-50 Find a copy], v. 1, p. 109).

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