Delaney, John J., and James Edward Tobin. Dictionary of Catholic Biography. Garden City, NY, Doubleday, 1961. xi, 124p. LC 62-7620.
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A biographical dictionary of "outstanding Catholics from the time of the Apostles to the present day (1961)" (Preface). Contains over 16,000 brief entries much like those found in Webster's Biographical Dictionary (Springfield, MA, Merriam, 1962 Find a copy) with just a little more detail. Many entries have bibliographies citing one or two sources, usually in English; chief written works are listed also. There are appendixes of patron saints, iconography, popes and similar topics. The Catholic Historical Review called it a very useful reference work but criticized its scanty bibliography and several inaccuracies and omissions which could be corrected easily enough in later editions (Catholic Historical Review, XLIX [April, 1963], p. 135 Find a copy).

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