Eubel, Conrad. Hierarchia catholica medii et recentioris aevi: sive Summonun pontificum S.R.E. cardinalium, ecclesiarum antistitum series e documentis tabularii praesertim Vaticani collecta, digesta, edita. Editio altera. Monasterii, Sumptibus et Typis Librariae Regensbergianae, 1913-23. v. 1-6. Reprinted with vol. 7. Patavii, "II Messaggero di S. Antonio," 1960-68. 7 v. LC 3-19932.
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(Volumes 1-3 entitled Hierarchia catholica medii aevi.)

Gives considerably more detail than Gams (A174)-histories of each diocese, boundaries, a list of bishops and auxiliaries with the names of their consecrators, the dates and sources of information. Brief lives of the popes and cardinals are also given. The work was originally intended to cover only the period from 1198 to 1431, but in 1901 work was begun on new volumes to bring it up to the present day. Currently it covers up to the year 1846. Index of names and places.

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