MacEĆ³in, Gary and the Committee for the Responsible Election of the Pope. The Inner Elite: Dossiers of Papal Candidates. Kansas City, KS, Sheed, Andrew and McMeel, 1978. xxx, 300p. il. LC 78-17845. ISBN 0-8362-3105-8.
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Published shortly before the death of Pope Paul VI, this collection of biographies of members of the College of Cardinals was intended to familiarize the world with the choice of candidates. Unfortunately the biographies are undocumented, informally written, and replete with unsubstantiated quotations and anecdotes. The biographies are arranged by geographic areas with an index of names and an introduction explaining the history of papal elections. Names of members of the Committee for the Responsible Election of the Pope, and the "100 contributors" are not supplied.

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