Catholic Builders of the Nation: A Symposium of the Catholic Contribution to the Civilization of the United States. Prepared under the Editorship of Constantine E. McGuire with the Collaboration of Rev. James Gillis, Admiral W. S. Benson, J. J. Walsh, and others. New York, Catholic Book Company, 1935. 5 v. il. LC 35-3511.
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A comprehensive work, certainly out of date, but useful for the period it covers. The work is actually a series of essays divided into five sections: Catholicism and the Building of the Nation; … and the Nation's Social Development; Catholics in Science, Industry and Service; … in the Liberal Professions; and the Catholic Contribution to Education. Most of the studies are followed by bibliographies. The use of this work as a collected biography is greatly aided by a general index in volume five.

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