The American Catholic Who's Who, 1934/35-. Detroit, W. Romig, 1935-71. Washington, DC, N. C. News Service, 1972- . v. Biennial. LC 11-1094.
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An earlier attempt at a continuing biographical dictionary was made in 1911 (Georgina Pell Curtis, American Catholic Who's Who [St. Louis, Herder, 1911 Find a copy]); however, no more editions appeared from this source. Romig's work has been appearing regularly since 1934. In each entry he gives the typical "who's who" type of information — profession, parentage, education, positions held, titles and dates of written works. The information is gathered by questionnaire and revision is done by biographees for each edition. Qualifications for inclusion are not indicated in a preface or introduction to the work; and while clergymen seem to outnumber laymen, one would be hard pressed to find the name of even a locally known Catholic not included in the work.

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