Gillow, Joseph. A Literary and Biographical History, or Bibliographical Dictionary of the English Catholics from the Breach with Rome in 1534 to the Present Time…. London, Burns and Oates; New York, Catholic Pub. Soc. 1885-1902. 5 v. LC 1-771. Reprinted: New York, B. Franklin, 1968. LC 74-6323.
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(2,000 biographies)

Easily the best national Catholic biographical dictionary; an excellent supplement to the Dictionary of National Biography (London, Smith, Elder, 1908-09. 22 v. Find a copy). It is an expansion and continuation of the biographies by Hugh Tootell in Dodd's Church History of England (Wolverhampton, 1737-42, 3 v. Find a copy). Authors, martyrs, confessors, clergymen, artists, and members of the professions are included with bibliographical references for each entry and full, annotated lists of works for authors. The length of the entries varies from a single paragraph to several pages. Father Brown described the work as "a Catholic bibliographical work of outstanding value and importance…. In its five bulky volumes every scrap of writing by an English Catholic since the Reformation is recorded with painstaking exactitude. It ought not to be ignored by any serious historian of modern England." (Stephen J. M. Brown, "Catholic Bibliography," in Catholic Library Practice, ed. Brother David Martin [Portland, OR, University of Portland Press, 1947-50 Find a copy],v. 1, p. 114).

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