A52 Parsons, Wilfrid. List of Additions and Corrections to Early Catholic Americana: Contribution of French Translations (1724-1820) by Forrest Bowe. New York, Franco-Americana, 1952. x, 101p. LC 39-6755.
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A bibliography of 1187 numbered items covering 300 more titles than Finotti but not giving the same wealth of bibliographical and historical information found in that work — there are almost no notes or annotations; but Parsons does provide a fine introductory essay on the history of American Catholic publishing. The same standard of inclusion is used here as in Finotti — any book written by a Catholic. Complete bibliographical information is given as well as locations in thirty different libraries. Special tables list the works published by Mathew Carey.

The supplement by Bowe lists 282 items most of which are translations from the French. Annotations explain why the work did not appear in Parsons. Alphabetical arrangement by author. Chronological index and title index. 71 additional items located at Catholic University Library are listed by T. Schmidt in "Early Catholic Americana: Some additions to Parsons" (American Catholic Historical Society of Philadelphia. Records, LXXXVI [March-December, 1975], pp. 24-32).

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