Guide to Catholic Literature, 1888-1967: An Annotated, Author, Title Subject, Bibliography of Books by and about Catholics, With a Selection of Catholic Interest Books by Non-Catholic Authors. Comp. by Catherine M. Pilley. Haverford, PA, Catholic Library Association, 1940-68.8 v. Annual, cumulated quadrennially. LC 41-8156.
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(Imprint varies. Formerly published by Walter Romig, Grosse Pointe, MI. Now combined with the Catholic Periodical Index to form the Catholic Periodical and Literature Index [A160].)

Although by no means complete, especially in its coverage of European publications, this work fIlled a gap in Catholic bibliography admirably. It covered books and pamphlets including juvenile literature, and it supplied biographical notes for each author. Annotations were descriptive and critical with references to book reviews appearing in periodicals.

In 1959, when the Catholic Library Association took over publication, juvenile literature was dropped as were references to reviews since these were available in the Catholic Periodical Index.

The merger with C.P.I. has resulted in a much more useful bibliography and a technically more acceptable tool, since the older volumes of the Guide were often difficult to follow typographically.

Brown described it as "a very important work, fully supplying the desiderata of Catholic bibliographers. A great work bound to be of immense service to writers and readers whether Catholic or not" (Catholic Library Practice [A78], p. 114).

"A valuable possession for Public and University Libraries" (Wilson Library Bulletin, XXVI [November, 1951], p. 278).

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