Biblioteca vaticana. Rules for the Catalog of Printed Books. Trans. from the 2nd. Italian ed. by Thomas J. Shanahan, Victor A. Schaefer, and Constantin T. Vesselowski; ed. by Wyllis E. Wright. Chicago, American Library Association, 1948. xii, 426p. LC 48-7079.

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A fine example of a cataloging code covering author entry, descriptive cataloging, subject headings and filing in one volume incorporating the best in the "Anglo-American" tradition; in fact, as the preface points out, "the circumstances and personnel under which the rules were prepared produced the unexpected result that for many years the most complete statement of American cataloging practice was available only in the Italian language."
Although it should be useful in any large library, it is especially valuable in the Catholic library because of the nature of the materials for which it was devised, i.e., Bible entries based on the Vulgate version. Saints' names are given in Latin, but the section on subject headings has been adapted for English usage.

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