Léon-Dufour, Xavier, ed. Dictionary of Biblical Theology. 2nd. ed., rev. and enl. Trans. under the direction of P. Joseph Cahill. Revisions and new articles trans. by E. M. Stewart. New York, Seabury, 1973. xxxii, 712p. LC 73-6437. ISBN 0-8164-1146-8.
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Written from a theological point of view. Such topics as grace, death and election are explained in the light of the Old and New Testaments in moderately long articles which have been subdivided by subject. Respected by scholars of all denominations, this work was hailed as coming from "the best of French-speaking exegetes both in France and other countries,"
and as "a truly admirable work deserving translation into other languages" (Catholic Biblical Quarterly, XXIV [October, 1962], p. 443). The second edition is based on the 1968 French edition. Each article has been thoroughly revised and forty new articles have been added. "An excellent tool for synthesizing Biblical thought" (Ibid., XXXVI [July, 1974], p. 415).

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