Vigouroux, Fulcran Grégoire. Dictionnaire de la Bible, contenant tous les noms de personnes, de lieux, de plantes, d'animaux mentionnés dan les Saintes Écritures, les questions théologiques, archéologiques. Supplement. Publiés sous la direction de louis Pirot avec le concours de nombreux collaborateurs. 1926- . v.
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The largest, most comprehensive and scholarly Catholic biblical encyclopedia; now largely out of favor with scholars, this work was begun in 1907 under the editorship of Vigouroux, a professor of Scripture at Saint Sulpice and the Institute Catholique at Paris, the "bulk of whose work was apologetical, largely concerned with defending the Bible's historicity." Yet, according to Chirico, "conservative as he was in temperament, he was open to new currents in biblical studies" (Peter F. Chirico, "Vigouroux," New Catholic Encyclopedia, XIV, p. 668).

In addition to the standard topics found in biblical encyclopedias — names of persons, places, plants and animals, and theological, historical and archeological topics — this monumental work includes biographical and critical articles on biblical scholars, bibliographies of their works and criticism of them.

The work had become so outdated as early as 1928, when Pirot became editor, that he abandoned plans for a revision and began issuing a Supplement, still in progress, of the same proportion as the original work. Upon the death of Pirot, André Robert became editor, and he in turn was replaced by H. Cazelles in 1956. Methods and emphasis in scriptural scholarship have been changing so rapidly in the last few decades that most of the Supplementis now in need of a revision, but it must still be considered a work "indispensable to the biblical scholar (Fitzmyer (B63), p. 73).

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