A Catholic Dictionary of Theology: A Work Projected with the Approval of the Catholic Hierarchy of England and Wales. London, New York, Nelson, 1962- . v. LC 62-52257.
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Still in progress and may run to four or five volumes; attempts to present "Catholic doctrines with the sources from which they are drawn in scripture and tradition; … not to enter into matters of Catholic discipline or canon law except where these have doctrinal importance" (Preface). Each article is signed and has an extensive bibliography in which English language works and translations predominate. The articles, ranging in length from one column to several pages, are readable but scholarly and documented. Longer articles are subdivided into numbered parts with an introductory section explaining the basis of the division. Volume one (A-Casuistry) appeared before the Second Vatican Council (1962-65), but the editors held up further publication until its close. In a review of the first volume, America said, "The quality of this work is so high and the need so great that one hesitates to note gaps" (CVII [January 26,1963], p. 149), which the reviewer did, nevertheless.

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