Dictionnaire de théologie catholique contenant l'exposé des doctrines de la théologie catholique, leurs preuves et leur histoire. Tables génerales, par Bernard Loth et Albert Michel. 1951-72. 3 v.
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The largest and best known purely theological encyclopedia. Begun in 1904, the main body of the work was completed in fifteen volumes in 1949. But in 1951 the first fascicle of the Tables génerales appeared, indexing and cross referencing the information in the first fifteen volumes and containing new articles and bibliographies. According to the Preface, "the purpose of this work is to explain the doctrines of Catholic theology, their proofs and their history." To do this, there are articles on all aspects of theology — Catholic and non-Catholic; schools of theology; periods; countries; theologians; sects; and similar topics. Most of the articles are very long —some virtually treatises done by several contributors — and contain extensive bibliographies. Universally regarded as one of the most authoritative works in its field, the Dictionnaire was reviewed almost fascicle by fascicle as it appeared. It is listed in all standard bibliographies of reference works covering religion or history. Theological Studies described it as "an invaluable reference work, proved to be so from its beginning" (XIX [December, 1958] , p. 653-54).

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