Dictionnaire apologétique de la foi catholique, contenant les preuves de la verite de la religion et les réponses aux objections tirées des sciences humaines. 4 éd., entièrement refondue sous la direction de A. D' Alès avec la collaboration d'un grand nombre de savants catholiques. Paris, G. Beauchesne, 1911-22.4 v. LC 25-20239.
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The most extensive reference work in the field whose main purpose is not to explain Church teaching but to present the answers to objections raised against it. Most of the articles are long and have large bibliographies. This work has been described as:
"The most serviceable apologetic work on all matters that concern the Catholic faith and doctrine. No matter of importance that touches even remotely upon the history, teaching and discipline of the Church is neglected, and to all are given a thoroughness and completeness of treatment that brings the inquirer in touch with the best sources and surest findings" (Catholic World, XCVIII [June, 1913], p. 410).
Unfortunately this is no longer quite so true because of the age of the work.

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