Official Catholic Teachings. Wilmington, NC, Consortium Books, 1978. 6 v.
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V. 1. Christ Our Lord, by Amanda G. Watlington. LC 78-53844. ISBN 0-8434-0714-X;
V. 2. Love and Sexuality, by Odile M. Liebard. LC 78-53843. ISBN 0-8434-0713-1;
V. 3. Bible Interpretation, by James J. Megivern. LC 78-53846. ISBN 0-8434-0715-8;
V. 4. Social Justice, by Vincent P. Mainelli. LC 78-53833. ISBN 0-8434-0712-3;
V. 5. Clergy and Laity, by Odile M. Liebard. LC 78-53848. ISBN 0-8434-0717-4;
V. 6. Worship and Liturgy, by James J. Megivern. LC 78-53847. ISBN 0-8434-0716-6

Over 240 documents from popes, councils and other sources are reprinted in this series in numbered paragraphs. Each volume contains a subject index referring to these numbered sections. The original documentation is reprinted with the texts and an introduction has been written for each volume by the compiler.

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