Prat, Ferdinand. Jesus Christ: His Life, His Teaching and His Work. Trans. from the 16th French ed. by John N. Heenan. Milwaukee, Bruce Pub. Co., 1950. 2 v. (Science and Culture Series.) LC 50-58219.
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Probably the most scholarly modern life of Christ available; it is a detailed account based on the Gospels and other ancient as well as modern authorities and contains detailed "Supplementary Notes" on social, political, geographical and other types of background information. In addition to the general index, there is a philological index which defines Greek words having more than one meaning or disputed meanings. The work is reputed to be "the best life of Christ in existence, replete with details that can be found almost nowhere else" (America, LXXXIV [December 16, 1950] , p. 337). Tables, charts and bibliographical notes.

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