Handbuch der Pastoraltheologie. Praktische Theologie der Kirche in ihrer Gegenwart. Hrsg. von Franz Xaver Arnold, Karl Rahner. Freiburg, Herder, 1964-72. 5 v. in 6. LC 66-66410.
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A comprehensive treatise on the history of pastoral theology, influences upon it, its principles and their application to modern problems. "It is possible that the complete manual will scarcely succeed in covering all the problems set to the Church by the rapidly evolving modern world. Nevertheless, this work will render the Church a very great service in her endeavors to fulfill the aggiornamento sought by the Vatican Council" (Lumen Vitae, XXIII [March 1968], p. 189 Find a copy). Bibliographies of almost exclusively German works are supplied for each chapter.

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