Streit, Robert. Bibliotheca missionum. begonnen von P. Robert Streit, fortgeführt von P. Johannes Dindinger. Freiberg, Herder, 1916-74. 30 v. (Veröffentlichungen des Internationalen Inst. für Missionswissenschaftliche Forschung.) LC 31-2188.
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The largest and most complete bibliography of Catholic mission literature; lists and annotates histories, letters, diaries, Church documents, philological works and bibliographies. The annotations are descriptive and critical and contain some biographical material. Covers the literature of America, India, Japan, the Phillippines, Korea, Indochina and Indonesia up to 1909; Africa up to 1940; China, Australia and Oceania up to 1950. Locations in European libraries are given for many works. Much of this material is primary source material for the early histories of these countries.

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