Dictionnaire de spiritualité ascétique et mystique, doctrine et histoire, publié sous la direction de Marcel Viller, S.J., assisté de F. Cavallera et J. de Guibert, S.J., avec le concours d'un grand nombre de collaborateurs. Paris, G. Beauchesne, 1932-. v. LC 38-24895.
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The most comprehensive reference work in this field with long, signed articles covering concepts of spiritual theology and explaining their origin and development through the centuries with frequent references to sources. The lives, written works, doctrines, mystical experiences, and influences of the masters of the spiritual life are covered, as well as many minor figures in the field. Bibliographies are given for each article with much detailed information on editions; some are subdivided by subject. Each country of the world is covered, its spiritual history by century and the individual schools of spirituality that flourished there. The "excellence characteristic of this series" has long been acknowledged by critics (Theological Studies, XXVI [September, 1965], p. 454 Find a copy).

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