Ökumene Lexikon: Kirchen, Religionen, Bewegungen. Hrsg. in Verbindung mit Athanasios Basdekis … (et al.) von Hanfried Krüger, Werner Löser und Walter Müller-Romheld. Frankfurt am Main, Lembeck, Knecht, 1983. 1326p. LC 84-110788. ISBN 3-87476-200-9.
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Brief articles dealing with ecumenical topics and names. Most articles contain bibliographies and cross references. "There are significant omissions … The listing of world nations, giving population figures and the percentage of religious affiliations, is very helpful. Also well done is the description of each major ecumenical conference and its significance for its time" (Journal of Ecumenical Studies, XXI [Fall, 1978], p. 781).

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