Liturgical Calendar and Ordo: United States of America. Washington, DC, United States Catholic Conference, 1985- . v. Annual.
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"This calendar is based on the general Roman Calendar (B400) promulgated by Pope Paul VI on February 14, 1969" (Introduction). Published annually, the calendar lists what feasts of the new Roman Calendar are to be observed on which day in the given year. Although the issues are dated for the calendar year, the arrangement is by the liturgical year which begins four Sundays before Christmas (the first Sunday of Advent). The entry for each day tells what readings are to be used at mass and what feast or saint's day, if any, is to be commemorated, the color of the vestments to be worn, and the version of the Divine Office to be recited. Individual dioceses and religious orders may issue their own versions of this calendar slightly altered for local observances.

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