Jungmann, Joseph Andreas. The Mass of the Roman Rite: Its Origins and Development. Trans. by Francis A. Brunner. New York, Benziger, 1950-55. 2 v. LC 51-4097. Reprinted: Westminster, MD, Christian Classics, 1986. 2 v. LC 86-71098. ISBN 0-8706-1129-1.
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Covers the history of the mass from the primitive Church up to the twentieth century, the nature and forms of the mass, and the ceremonies of the mass in great detail. The entire work is a continuous source of bibliography; half of every page is taken up with notes which are indexed along with the text. "The most authoritative and complete work on the history of the growth of the liturgy of the Roman mass that has ever appeared" (Catholic Historical Review, XXX [February, 1956], p. 217). An important work for the student of music, fine arts and literature as well as for liturgists. Benziger issued a one-volume edition without notes in 1959. Find a copy

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