The Jerusalem Bible. Gen. ed., Alexander Jones. Garden City, NY, Doubleday, 1966. xvi, 1547+498p. LC 66-24278.

Produced by the Dominican Bible School in Jerusalem and first published in French in 1948, this edition contains an entirely new English translation based on the French and "a fresh look at the Hebrew and Greek" (Preface), which had been generally acclaimed as the best modern English translation until the appearance of The New American Bible (B40). The scholarly apparatus-notes, commentary and appendixes-has been revised to reflect the latest scriptural thinking. In his guide (B63), Fitzmyer calls this "the best of modern scholarship" (p. 24); elsewhere it has been described as "the finest Catholic annotated English version of the Bible with excellent reference features, cross references and an index of Biblical themes" (Worship, XL [December, 1963], p. 663). See B52.

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