The New American Bible; Translated from the Original Languages, with Critical Use of All the Ancient Sources by Members of the Catholic Biblical Association of America, With Textual Notes on Old Testament Readings. Paterson, NJ, St. Anthony Guild Press, 1970. 21+1103+426p. LC 71-141768.

The Old Testament sections of this version began appearing in 1952 (See [B48] in four volumes as the "Confraternity Edition." When the New Testament was completed, however, the entire work was re-revised and issued as the New American Bible. It is the text that is most frequently printed in liturgical books for use at Mass and other ceremonies. Scholars agree that it is the best translation in the American idiom and that it is remarkably faithful to the most ancient texts and original languages. In this edition there are 127 pages of notes explaining every deviation from the original languages. These have not been reprinted in many of the subse¬quent editions. For an extensive review by a Lutheran scholar see Catholic Biblical Quarterly, XXXIII (June, 1971), pp. 405-9.

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