Bauer, Johannes Baptist, ed. Encyclopedia of Biblical Theology. London, Sheed and Ward, 1970. Reprinted: New York, Crossroad Press, 1981. 3 v. LC 81-626. ISBN 0-8245-0042-3.
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First edition titled Sacramentum Verbi (New York, Herder, 1970). A translation of the 3rd edition of Bibel theologisches Wörterbuch; issued in England as Bauer Encyclopedia of Biblical Theology (Sheed and Ward, 1970). This is an important, scholarly work by well known European experts. The articles are moderately long and contain bibliographies. "One can not agree with all the positions taken… but readers can find here solid biblical interpretation presented within a framework of Catholic tradition" (Catholic Biblical Quarterly, XXXIII [April, 1971], p. 237). A "Supplementary Bibliography" of works published since the 3rd German edition is supplied along with an "Analytical Index of Biblical References," an "Index of Biblical References" and an "Index of Hebrew and Greek words."

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