Encyclopedic Dictionary of the Bible. Trans. and adapt. by Louis F. Hartman. New York, McGraw-Hill, 1963. 2634 col. LC 63-9699. (Trans. of A. van der Born's Bijbels Woordenboek, 2nd rev. ed.)
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The usefulness of this work is proven by its translation and adaptation into several foreign languages—the German Bibel-lexikon (Haag 1957);the Italian Dizionario biblico (Gennero, 1960); the French Dictionnaire encyclop├ędique de la bible (Mont Cesare, 1960); and the Spanish Diccionario de la biblia (Barcelona, 1963) (Theological Studies, XXV [March, 1964], p.75).

The work is general in coverage and includes articles on biography, philosophy, theology, history, geography and archeology, ranging in length from a short paragraph to several columns. Many articles have bibliographies, and there are frequent references to the text (Hebrew and Greek). This is a translation and adaptation of the second revised Dutch edition of 1954-57.

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