The Vision Obscured: Perceptions of Some Twentieth-Century Catholic Novelists. Ed. Melvin J. Friedman. New York, Fordham University Press, 1970. 278p. LC 72-1261130. ISBN 0-8232-0890-7.
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Thoughtful essays by a number of literary scholars dealing with Powers, O'Connor, Waugh, Spark, Greene, Bernanos, Mauriac, Green Langgässer, Laforet, and Papini. "The Modern Catholic Novel: a Selected Checklist of Criticism" (pp. 241-268) is an extensive bibliography of general works on the Catholic novel and provides separate lists for each of the writers covered. "A failure as a book, but a success as a series of chapters" (America, CXXIV [March 27, 1971] , p. 325). Index.

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