Supplement. The Index of Middle English Verse. By Russell Hope Robbins and John L. Cutler. Lexington, University of Kentucky Press, 1965. xxix, 551p. LC 43-16653 rev.
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The Register (C131)is an alphabetical author list of 2,273 poems, mostly religious, written between 1200 and 1500 with an index of subjects and titles. Loca¬tions and descriptions of the original manuscripts are given as well as references to printed texts.

The Index (C132) lists 4,365 entries, and the Supplement contains 1,500 new entries for works uncovered since 1943. In the latter work the cut-off date of 1500 has been abandoned to include works written up to the early sixteenth century. This work and the index update entries originally contained in previous editions. Each volume contains indexes.

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