Chevalier, Cyr Ulysse Joseph. Repertorium hymnologicum. Catalogue des chants, hymns, proses séquences, tropes en usage dans l'église latine depuis les origines jusqu à nos jours. Louvian, 1892-1912; Bruxelles 1920-21. 6 v. (Subsidia hagiographia, n. 4). LC F-2313.
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Contains the titles of Latin hymns, the saint's or feast day on which it is used in the Breviary, its place in the office, the number of strophes, the author, date of compostition and a reference to printed texts. This is "the standard bibliography of Latin rhymed texts" (Vincent H. Duckles, Music Reference and Research Materials [London, Free Press, 1964], p. 188).

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