Schütz, Ludwig. Thomas-lexikon: Sammlung, übersetzung und erklärung der in samtlichen werken des h. Thomas von Aquin vorkommenden kunstausdrücke und wissenschaftlichen aussprüche. Von dr. Ludwig Schütz. 2., sehr vergrosserte aufl. Paderbom, F. Schöningh, 1895. x, 889p; Reprinted: New York, Musurgia, 1949. LC 25-20228.
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A dictionary of Thomistic terms giving definitions in German and references to their appearance in major works. The first edition of this work appeared in 1895, and the 1949 version is merely a reprint of what Franciscan Studies describes as a standard work although compiled before later discoveries of "the true nature of some spurious works heretofore included in the canon" (IX [December, 1949], p. 457-58).

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