Staatslexikon. Recht, Wirtschaft, Gesellschaft. Hrsg. von der Görres-Gesellschaft. 6. völlig neubearb. und erweiterte Aufl. Freiburg, Herder, 1957-63. 8 v. LC A59-49.
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This work originated in the program drawn up by Georg Freiher von Hertling, the chief founder of the Görres-Gesellschaft and the Imperial Chancellor in the last years of the German Empire (1917-18). The first edition, in five volumes, appeared from 1887 to 1897; the present edition is "not so much a revision of the fifth edition as an entirely new work, wider in scope and greatly enlarged" (Catholic Historical Review, L [October, 1964] , p. 412). The purpose of the work is to deal with the concepts of the state, law, society and social problems, historically and descriptively from a Catholic philosophical and theological point of view. Planned by the specialists of the Görres-Gesellschaft in scope and emphasis primarily for the German-speaking world, it is, nevertheless, "Universal in its coverage, and highly recommended to all historians as an indispensable scholarly work of reference" (Ibid., p. 415).

The articles tend to be long, are signed and contain full bibliographies. Index.

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