Catholic Almanac. Huntington, IN, Our Sunday Visitor, Inc., 1904- . v. Annual. LC 43-2500. (Title and imprint vary).
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Published since 1904 in more or less the same form but with various titles and publishers, it is an annual collection of basic information on the universal Church and especially the Church in the United States. From the years 1904 to 1940 the title alternated between St. Anthony's Almanac and the Franciscan Almanac. From 1940 to 1969 it was called The National Catholic Almanac. The current issue contains sections on Church history, current affairs, biography, statistics, the government of the Church, Church teachings, worship, the Church in the U. S., texts of current documents, a list of Catholic publishers, a Catholic bibliography for the year, and a list of Catholic periodicals and newspapers. A detailed index makes all this information easy to find.

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