Official Catholic Directory. New York, P. J. Kenedy, 1886-. v. Annual. LC 1-30961. (Title and imprint vary).
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The chief source of up-to-date information on the Catholic Church in the U. S. Issued every year in May, it contains the name and address of every priest in the U. S. and of every Catholic Church and institution, along with basic statistical information, such as numbers of students and teachers in schools, etc. General and diocesan statistics are also given as well as information on the hierarchy and the missions. Briefer coverage is provided for Canada, Mexico, Cuba, Puerto Rico, the Canal Zone, the Virgin Islands, Bermuda, Jamaica, the Marshalls, the Phillippines, Ireland, Great Britain, Oceana, Australia, and New Zealand. The previous titles by which this work was known are as follows:
1. Hoffman's Catholic Directory, Almanac and Clergy List. Milwaukee, Hoffman Bros., 1886-99.
2. Wiltzius, M. H. Official Catholic Directory. Milwaukee, Wiltzius, 1900-11.
The P. J. Kenedy Company began publishing it in 1912.

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