The Papal Encyclicals, 1740-1981. Compiled by Claudia Carlen. Wilmington, NC, McGrath, 1981. 5 v. LC 81-84885. ISBN 0-8434-0765-4.

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The first comprehensive collection of Papal Encyclicals in English. Contains the complete texts of 280 encyclicals from Benedict XIV to John Paul II. Each document is followed by a citation to the original (usually Latin) text, reference notes from the document and a bibliography of commentaries on the text. Of special value is the 82-page subject index in vol. 5. "A reference work that will be put to use by students and scholars for generations to come … truly one of its kind and is not likely to be surpassed" (Theological Studies, XLIII [September, 1982], p. 529).

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