Dizionario degli instituti di perfezione. Diretto da Guerrino Pelliccia e da Giancarlo Rocca. Roma, Edizioni Paoline, 1974-1983. 7 v. LC 77-576428.

An immense work "in the tradition of the multi-volume encyclopedia-dictionaries like the Dictionnaire d'histoire et de geographie ecclesiastiques" (Catholic Historical Review, LXIII [January, 1977] , p. 69). Entries are under names of orders, founders, famous monasteries, geographical areas and various aspects of the religious life. The bibliographies are extensive and list publications of orders as well as books about them. Authorities from all over the world have contributed articles. In the planning stages since 1950, this work replaces Hélyot (E187), and supplies more up to date and detailed information than may be found in most of the works listed in this section. Cross references; index volume forthcoming.

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