Knowles, David. The Religious Orders in England. Cambridge, University Press, 1948-59. 3 v. LC 48-10465.
V. 1. The Old Orders, The Friars, The Monasteries and their World. 1216-1304; V. 2. The End of the Middle Ages; V. 3. The Tudor Age.

Dom David Knowles, an English Benedictine, has written a "balanced and penetrating interpretation of men and institutions" (Catholic Historical Review, XXVI [January, 1941], p. 500) in this series of books on the history of religious orders in England. This work and (E202) together span the years from 943 to 1536. "A full account based at every point on the sources" (Ibid.). Sometimes "magisterial" (Ibid., XXV [July, 1949] , p. 178), the work is uniformly scholarly. Each volume is thoroughly indexed and contains a bibliography and numerous bibliographical notes.

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