Dictionnaire d'histoire et de géographie ecclésiastiques

Baudrillart, Alfred, Cardinal. Dictionnaire d'histoire et de géographie ecclésiastiques, publié sous la direction de mgr. Alfred Baudrillart, avec le concours d'un grand nombre de collaborateurs. Paris, Letouzey et Ané, 1912- . v. il. LC 9-26333.
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The most comprehensive reference work in Church history; an encyclopedia of mostly brief articles on terms, persons, places, events, movements and periods significant in Church history. All articles have full bibliographies. The entries for each country are usually very long and include maps. Catholic Historical Review praised it for its completeness and scholarship (XVII [October, 1932], p. 410), and Month declared it "a colossal work — the most important treatise on ecclesiastical history" (CXVI [July, 19101, p. 103). The fact that the nineteen volumes issued so far cover only up to the letter G in the alphabet gives some idea of the projected scope of the work.

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